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Why Join FVC?

From the moment you join the Farmington Valley Chorus (FVC) on the risers, you'll learn to develop your voice in a friendly, fun, supportive atmosphere while singing haunting ballads, rousing up-tunes, Broadway hits, and more. But learning to sing a cappella four-part harmony in the barbershop style is just the beginning.
Your ear will become accustomed to the sound of a pitch pipe being blown, and your soul will thrill to the music of ringing chords and creating overtones.


Learning doesn't stop at weekly rehearsals. As a member of FVC and Sweet Adelines International, you'll be invited to attend a variety of educational sessions. These include our chorus-sponsored annual retreat, Sing Your Part Smart class, and the occasional day-long Saturday coaching sessions, as well as Sweet Adelines' Regional Education weekends, which are held at various New England locations. You'll learn everything from vocal production and breathing techniques, to showmanship, acting tips, makeup, costuming, stage production, and more from some of Sweet Adelines' finest coaches.
You’ll also improve your health, as singing is not only fun, it is a healthy activity. We are energetic, face animated, body swaying singers! 

The Process to Join

The audition process usually takes about 6 weeks. During this time, you will attend weekly rehearsals, sing on the risers with the chorus, and refer to the sheet music for the songs we’re working on. (The ability to read music is not required.) Upon your first visit, you will be voice placed in the appropriate part by our director, and you will stand near a member of that section so you can hear her.

After the first rehearsal, you will be provided with a set of music tracks and sheet music so you can learn the Sweet Adelines audition song. You will have several opportunities to sing that song with members of the chorus over the following weeks, until you’re comfortable enough with it to first, pre-audition, and then, to formally audition for membership in Farmington Valley Chorus. Prospective members are given two opportunities to audition within those 6 weeks.

Please contact our membership coordinator, Chrissie Mancini: , for more information. 

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